Saturday, April 12, 2014

Our Manifesto -- A work in progress

We are currently in a wonderful state of transition -- a combination of rebranding identity and rediscovering our strengths and passions. Developing a manifesto is exciting in its own right -- a reminder that we've allowed ourselves the space to grow into the legal professionals and people that we are and also want to become. Most importantly, in focusing our goals and philosophy, we get to hone our approach to each case -- and do our damnedest to meet the economic and emotional needs of each client.  

Round 1 - Our Manifesto

1. We define family in broad and inclusive terms.
2. We aim to change the way you think about lawyers.
3. We are humbled by your story.
4. We measure our success by your outcome.
5. We are passionate about efficiency.
6. We are team players.
7. We recognize your matter is a personal investment - with results that can have serious and long lasting implications. 

     We are welcoming feedback and constructive criticism. We are excited to roll out our 'new look' in the coming months and are grateful for the continued support from our family, friends, legal community and clientele. 

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