Thursday, January 30, 2014

10 Things You Didn't Know About the Ladies of Levine Law (Part 1)

We may be lawyers but we still would like to think that we have a unique side to ourselves. We'll let our clients be the judge....

Erin & Ashley, circa 2005
Ashley Schuh:
  • "I was admitted to NYU School of the Arts and almost went there to pursue a musical theater career."
  • "I've seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s over 100 times. My daughter’s middle name is “Darling” because Holly Golightly calls everyone “darling.”
  • "I dream in black and white."
  • "If I could pick a fashion era to live in, it would be the 1950's. I collect flats, cardigans and silver napkin rings with initials."
  •  “My parents had a rule when I was child: I could not read during dinner, but I was allowed to read almost every other minute of the day; which I did, and still would if I could!”

Erin Levine:
  • “When I win a court hearing, I often fantasize about breaking into a flash mob dance party.”
  • “I put sour cream on everything.”
  • "I once wore platform boots everyday for a month while I trekked Europe."
  • “I never buy a full suit. My blazer is always different from my pants or skirt."
  • "My first job was as a gymnastics routine choreographer. I spent a short period of time training with Cirque Du Soleil."
  • "I was on Romper Room!"

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