Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why mediate your legal matter?

Benefits of Mediation

If you reach an agreement in mediation, you do not have to appear in front of a judge or walk into a public courtroom.

Even if you confer with an independent attorney during the process, the cost of Mediation is less than courtroom litigation.

Decisions are made by the parties - not mandated by a Judge, evaluator or arbitrator. The parties determine the process, schedule and dates of appointments. 

Reduce Animosity
Who wants more conflict? Especially when emotions are high. A working relationship can feel empowering and reduce anger. Granted, you generally will not get your best case scenario in Mediation, but at least you can work cooperatively towards a result you can live with as opposed to a feeling of someone won / someone lost.


  1. I'm glad you broke it down into four categories. A lot of sites just get me confused with too much information. I have been reading about divorce law in Duluth MN. There are so many things I didn't know about it! Thank you for adding to my knowledge.

  2. You have given the true definition and aspects of Mediation, this will surely help those who are struggling with the divorce cases.Besides these suggestions on Mediation it saves client's money and time.

  3. It is really beneficial process than any other form of legal proceedings. Some advantages of meditation is that it is much less expensive than other litigation. It is a much faster process than any other legal form. It provides a way in which both parties are full participants and can express their own opinions and concerns.