Sunday, February 10, 2013

When the cat's away.... authorizing your babysitter or parent to provide medical treatment to your children (in your absence)

When the cat's away, the mice will play... and when there's play, there's sometimes injury... and when there's injury, there's sometimes doctors. But, what happens if mom and/or dad are not in town and a child needs medical care? By law, doctors may indeed withhold care to children who don't have life threatening injuries due to fears about potential lawsuits from the parents (even if the caregiver is a relative or grandparent!).

It's a good idea to create a Power of Attorney for your child(ren). The Power of Attorney authorizes parents to appoint an "attorney in fact" to give consent for any/all medical treatment. Power of Attorney's can also be drafted to give your "attorney in fact" (agent) the right to enroll your child in any school, nursery school, playgroup, camp, day care center, psychiatric treatment and/or dental care. 

Don't forget to have the POA notarized and witnessed by two disinterested parties (someone older than 18, not named in the documented, of sound mind and unrelated to you. 

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