Monday, October 1, 2012

What should I bring to my first appointment with a Divorce Lawyer?

Prior to their first legal consultation, many family law litigants ask my staff what they should bring to their first few meetings to ensure they get the most out of their office appointment. Below is a list of important documentation you should consider bringing. While not essential, it will be helpful for you to locate and copy the documents below:

  • Financial statements,
  • Income tax returns (all years of marriage),
  • Corporate tax returns,
  • Partnership tax returns,
  • Bank statements (business and personal),
  • Check registers,
  • Canceled checks,
  • Brokerage statements, 
  • Retirement statements from date of marriage and separation,
  • Children’s bank account statements,
  • Copies of any premarital or postmarital agreements,
  • Loan balances for all debt,
  • Most recent appraisals for any real estate owned,
  • Documentation regarding pre-marital assets,
  • Current credit card statements,
  • Court pleadings already filed or served (if any), and
  • An estimate of your current and proposed expenses.

Of course, you can bring any other documentation and notes you think might be helpful for a lawyer at Levine Law Group to review!


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